Nazareth-PR-29-XLDisciple Daily – Our Name, His Work

  • Jesus’ disciples are taught by Him daily.
  • Jesus’ disciples tell the Stories of God daily.
  • Jesus’ disciples train others daily.

Jesus modeled what life-changing disciple making ministry really looks like. Jesus showed His followers how to live God’s Word. His methods can be observed in the Gospel accounts of His life. On the day He ascended to heaven, Jesus told His followers what He wanted them to do with the rest of their lives (Matthew 28:18-20).

The Book of Acts chronicles a revolution that began in the hearts of the men and women who were His first disciples. They did what He showed them how to do. They taught others how to live God’s Word. God so richly blessed the work of Jesus’ first disciples that Tertullian said to Roman rulers in 197 A.D: “We (Jesus’ disciples) are of but yesterday, and yet we have filled all of the places that belong to you – cities, islands, forts, towns, exchanges, the military camps themselves, tribes, town councils, the palace, the senate, the market-place; we have left you nothing but your temples.”

Join A Disciple Making Re- Revolution

Now, it is our time to show others how to live God’s Word. The Disciple Daily Network exists to train new disciples to:

Be Taught By Jesus – Jesus is the Word of God (John 1:1-18) made flesh. While His physical body has returned to heaven, 21st Century disciples of Messiah Jesus can still sit at His feet to be taught by Him every day. All it takes are the Scriptures, a plan for learning what they teach, and a willing spirit.

Tell Others What You Discover - No one should perish without having been given the opportunity to know Jesus personally. His first disciples boldly proclaimed the Gospel to all (2 Peter 3:9). They told everyone who would watch and listen how their own personal stories intersected with grand story of God (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). The Disciple Daily network partners with individuals and like minded ministry organizations to teach believers how to tell others the Good News through their lives and with their lips at all times.

Train Other Trainers – Discipleship is not about making good local church members. It is not about filling a believer’s head with lots of information that is divorced from practical application. Real discipleship is about training believers in Messiah Jesus to reproduce His life in others. They do this by living in intimacy with others, training them how to train more trainers (2 Timothy 2:2).

The objective of those working together around the Disciple Daily Network is to live God’s Word by training disciples how to train other disciples. To help you get started, let me invite you to explore Messiah’s Method.

Study, Practice, Teach – Ezra 7:10
Arlie Francis