The Bible presents A JEWISH story about the Jewish God/Man. His name is Yeshua

A spiritual war broke out in the Garden of Eden.  Standing between God and Satan  were Adam and Eve. What happened in the garden was a carefully calculated assault on God's Creation. The first couple responded to Satan's offer, "You will be like God." The result? Sin and death entered the world.

But God! The promise of a Savior was made in Genesis 3:15. The" seed of the woman" would one day destroy Satan.  Four thousand years later, the promised "Seed of the Woman," a descendant of Eve, Seth, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Judah, and David, stepped out of eternity into mankind's story. His name is Yeshua. The story of Yeshua is a Jewish story essential to the Good News of the Gospel. It is a story that runs through the history of the Jewish people, the people known as Israel, living today in a land named Israel.
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Israel - Chosen people in a chosen place

The story of Israel begins in Genesis 11 at the Tower of Babel.   As He had previously with Noah, God chose one man to be the inheritor of the "Seed of the Woman." Abraham was chosen as the father of a new nation, a people of group known today as the Jewish people.   God promised to bless Abraham and make his descendants a great nation. Abraham believed in the One God, leaving his country at God's command on a journey into the land promised to his descendants forever.

Abraham's grandson, Jacob, wrestled with God for most of his life and received a new name, Israel, meaning "wrestles with God." Israel had twelve sons who also wrestled with God. Their families became twelve tribes who served as Egyptian slaves for 400 years. The twelve tribes became a nation of over three million people! Today, that nation is known as Israel. The land that Israel lives on is identified by the name of their family name. Israel.

Timeline of Middle East history

The Arab people group identified today as Palestinians have been indoctrinated to believe that all of the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea has always belonged to them. The October 7, 2023, attack on Israel was a planned and orchestrated event designed to shock the entire world. Hamas itself recorded Hamas’ rampage across southwestern Israel for all to see. What motivated Hamas? Without reservation, Hamas' leadership has repeatedly said, "October 7 will happen again and again until there is no longer a Jewish state.”

Unfortunately, in 2023, most people are no longer students of history. One must grapple with a long and complicated story to understand the "why" of the current war in Gaza. It is impossible to make sense of what is happening without working through the facts of certain events. Doing so often challenges unsubstantiated bias.                                                                         
The download document offered below does not present a religious or ideological position. We begin with Abraham because Jews, Christians, and Muslims acknowledge his existence. It is a relatively detailed chronology of the 4,000-year  history of the Middle East, from Abraham to our time.                                          

The history of antisemitism

An uncomfortable Aspect of church history

Israel's Hope was, is, and will always be Jewish. His name is Yeshua, and He is building His Church. However,  Christendom has played an uncomfortable role in Jewish history. In this video, Olivier Melnick presents the trajectory of antisemitism from Constantine to October 7, 2023. Your understanding this material is a key to sharing your faith with the Jewish people around you. 

Evangelical Zionism

Perry Trotter asks "Is the subject of Israel a peripheral matter within Christian thought? Is it merely a detail over which believers can hold any one of a range of views? Or is Israel's restoration a central biblical theme essential to a sound biblical worldview and a remarkable demonstration of divine grace, wisdom, and faithfulness?"

Perry, and his wife Sheree, have partnered with Disciple Daily for  many years. As the creator and narrator of the Evangelical Zionism series project, Perry Trotter forcefully makes the argument that Christians who believe God has replaced Israel with the Church oppose what God has said concerning Israel in the Bible. Failure to properly handle the biblical data on Israel undermines God's divine communication and distorts the identity of the Messiah Himself. The Jesus of replacement theology is not the Jesus of the Bible

Israelology: the missing ingredient

Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum coined the term "Israelology." A thorough study of Israel is essential to one's understanding the entire Bible.  Consider these facts. Israel is the Wife of Jehovah. While a divorce decree has been issued by Jehovah, He has not married another wife. He waits for Israel to return to Him. The Church is the Bride of Christ. The Church is not the new Israel. Much of the Church is painfully unaware of Israel's as a missing ingredient in most systematic theologies.