Arlie & Noemí Francis

Founder, President

The young man who prayed with Arlie to receive Jesus Christ in 1971  explained, “It is my job to show you what following Jesus is all about.”

In February 2011, Arlie and Noemí co-founded Disciple Daily. Disciple Daily is a global network of Bible storytellers. Their objective is to make disciples of Jesus who make more disciples by systematically teaching them to tell the big story of the Bible, one story at a time. What started in a home office in San Antonio has become a global movement with disciples across the United States, Israel, Middle East, Eurasia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim.

Keith & Alice Myer

Fellowship & Operations Director

“Keith … I need someone to come down here and invest in a young group of college kids. With your teaching and coaching background, I think you would be a great fit for this job.”

That phone call ignited 24 years of discipling teams of young adults, training them to pursue lives lived for Jesus every day.  We learned much more from these students about what real discipleship looks like and what it means to follow Christ than we ever anticipated. One-on-one, real-life community discipleship impacts people, moving them towards a deeper and more abundant walk with Jesus.

Lori Thompson

Fellowship Team Mom

Lori has been a friend of our ministry for many years. When she heard that there was a need for a place to house the Fellowship Team and someone to provide care and direction to the team members, she said, "I'm yours, let's make it happen!" The Fellowship House at Lone Oak would not have been possible without Lori's generosity and hospitality.