Joining a Disciple Daily tour of the Bible Lands Israel is a great way to kick-start your disciple-making ministry. Participants become partners with Jesus, returning home prepared to teach what God taught them. Disciple Daily equips followers of Jesus to use the story of the Bible to lead others to Him and train them as His disciples.

Conducted Chronologically 
Our tours begin with an exploration of southern Israel and Jordan, the territory of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Lord willing, all of our tours include locations in Jordan (Wadi Rum, Petra, Mt. Nebo), tracing the route Israel wandered for forty years before Moses died on Mt. Nebo. The entire panorama of the Old Testament is the biblical foundation for the life of Jesus and the birth of the Church. With us, you will experience the entire Bible from Genesis through Revelation.

Two Full Weeks 
Experience Israel is purpose-driven. It is a ministry, not a business. For the cost of a normal 10-day vacation tour, our Experience Israel tour lasts 14 days in the country! Our groups are limited to 30 people, creating an “iron sharpens iron” environment. We learn from each other.

Meet the Living Stones 
For the first time in almost 2,000 years, Jewish people are believing in Yeshua at an astonishing rate. Arabs are also recognizing Jesus as their Savior. What is happening among the Jewish and Arab people is the best news you won’t hear anyplace else. This tour will help you tell their story after you return home.

Mission Oriented 
Everyone returns home with disciple-making tools for training new disciples where they live, work, and play.

Virtual Tour - Day 1

The itinerary includes Tel Azekah, Tel Maresha, Beit Guvrin, and  Tel Lachish. The highlight is a half-day archeological dig at Tel Maresha. Explorers uncover 2,100 year old pottery. 

Virtual Tour - Day 2

The itinerary includes Tel Sheva, Makhtesh Ramon, Wilderness Tabernacle, and Wadi Rum. The highlight of this day is the Wilderness Tabernacle, a portrait of God's redemptive plan through Messiah Jesus.