The "practices" on this page are just the appetizers. They begin with what we do first thing in the morning. Why? Because that is how Jesus started His day, every day.

What you Believe Drives What You do.

Studying the storyline of the Bible illuminates what God has already done, demonstrating what is important to Him. As God's image bearers in this world, we should do what we see Him do. How important is this to God?

God sent His only Son as the ultimate Servant of God. We need to look no further than to Jesus for the practices that change the world, one person at a time. But remember...


Reading the Bible everyday is one of the most important disciplines you will practice. Reading out loud as part of a group builds community. A good group size is six to eight people. Meet in person or use video conferencing.
  • Download the Bible Storyline Reading Plan from Disciple Daily. 
  • Read one chapter. Have each person read about  10 verses.
  • Stimulate the conversation by asking
    • What interests you? What did you see?
    • What questions does this raise. It's OK to leave some questions unanswered.
  • Make sure that everyone participates and that no one dominates.


We get it. We’ve been where you are! We understand the challenges of transitioning from student life to adult life. Keith and Alice Myer why have spent the last 26 years discipling hundreds of young adults just like you,  preparing them to engage the world as biblically grounded joyful adults. Imagine how different a future marriage, raising a family, earning a living could be after spending a full year building a spiritual foundation for what’s next. The biblical knowledge, practical disciplines, and the ability to influence others gained from this experience will become the rock-solid foundation of your life.