Introducing Emma


My name is Emma Stanley! I'm a born and raised Texan from San Antonio. I'm 20 years old and a follower of Christ, a lover of community, long hikes, and lots of coffee. I was blessed enough to have two older siblings and the most beautiful and rambunctious nephew possible! I know how to play a couple of songs on the banjo and love to learn different ways I can be a good steward of the earth that our God has so graciously gifted us. I've spent the summer working at a camp in Colorado, which was such an awesome opportunity. I came to salvation at a summer camp at 15 years old, so I loved being able to serve families and high schoolers in that way!

I was introduced to The Fellowship by a family friend via my mom. I had fiddled with the idea and read the entire website, but I was planning to finish my degree. In what? I didn't know. As I packed for my summer in Colorado, I knew I needed to start taking action in my future, and for me, that action was prayer.

In prayer, I applied to The Fellowship. I spent the weeks following holding it with open hands. I fell in love with learning the narrative of the Gospel/Storyline of the Bible! I often thought of this knowledge's impact on the lives of foster families I have worked alongside through the years. I wanted so badly to get in but patiently continued asking, "Not my will, but Yours be done." By God's grace, I got in. Bursting with tears of joy, I called my parents, from hundreds of miles away, to tell them the news! It was and is still such a huge answer to prayer.

So this is me, or a little snippet of me. I am overjoyed to join this team and can't wait to see how the Lord guides us in making heaven crowded—one disciple at a time.
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