Introducing Jauhmar

Yerrr. What's good, people of San Antonio and the world?

I'm Jauhmar Ellick McAllister. I was born in beautiful Florida but have lived in many different states - six to be exact. With the help of my family, I was able to make it this far in life. Honestly, I don't know what to write in this bio. I want y'all to know that I'm just a guy who wants to get closer to the Lord by any means necessary. I never thought a time like this would be presented to me.

It wasn't too long ago that I was going to school to get my degree while working in the workforce at four to five different jobs. Most recently, I was working at a car wash, wondering what was next. I was in limbo, trying to figure things out while smoking daily to calm my nerves. I remember praying, "God, just put me in a situation where I can grow and be more intimate with You." The Man was listening, and my prayers were answered. The Fellowship was hand-delivered to me; it was like a dream when I first heard about it. Now, I'm actually here.

I have known about Jesus since I was young. It's different now that I have an actual understanding of who He is. I understand why He's my Lord and why He's my Savior. I want to dedicate my life to Him because what else is there to do? The Creator of the universe died for me. The least I can do is die to myself and serve Him. So, my friends, join me on my adventure. I'm headed down the narrow road. Will it be scary and nerve-racking? But when you have The Creator on your side, YOU CAN'T LOSE!
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