Honey From The Rock

Author - César Muñoz

"You're bringing me revival. I'm satiated feasting on your word, like honey from the rock."

Hello friends! As I am writing this blog, it is officially the sixtieth day of The Fellowship! And what a trip it has been so far. It has been two months of trial and error, growth, relationships, and lots of fun along the way!

I want to share a story from about three weeks ago with you. A little while back, I had two friends come up to the Fellowship House to visit, and I was so excited! Jaren came up from San Antonio, and Jacob from Austin. I did not know what the weekend would look like exactly, but we had talked about doing a morning Bible study before church, and I could not wait. Jacob arrived around dinner time, and we went to a pumpkin carving party to catch up a bit. Afterward, Jaren met us at the house. I introduced them, and we updated each other on life sitting poolside until about 1 a.m.

The following day, I made everyone coffee and breakfast, and after some chatting, we sat at the table and cracked open our Bibles. They both asked me where we would read from, and I honestly did not have a specific scripture in mind. But, I remembered a letter I got earlier that week from my good friend Sarah, challenging me to read Psalm 66. So that's exactly what we did! I am so thankful that Sarah had planted that seed in my heart because it sparked such fruitful conversations between these friends whom I love so much. We probably spent more than an hour discussing Psalm 66, asking questions, and sharing wisdom. I was overwhelmed with such joy getting to see Jacob and Jaren go back and forth over scripture. I had always wanted them to meet one another, but this was indeed an answered prayer that exceeded any and all expectations I had. Truthfully, I was almost brought to tears several times during our study because I was so happy. Getting to go to church with them was a blessing, and I pray I get the chance to study the word with them again in the near future!

Since coming here, we, as a team, have read Genesis, Exodus, and Job, and we are currently reading through Leviticus. We have learned so much in our short time here, and I feel that we grow more and more each time we open up the word. It has not been easy, and we have had very different opinions on certain things, but I think that is a big part of the fun that comes with learning and growing in this environment. Although we all have very different stories and, at times, conflicting views, we are united and committed to following Christ as brothers and sisters and as a team.

After finishing Exodus and now reading through the offerings, feasts, and laws in Leviticus. I find it easy to catch myself in the thought of "The Israelites are so frustrating. Why can't they just listen to God?" But taking a step back, I realize I am so much more disobedient! Following God is hard. And I think we as Christians can forget how hard it is to follow Christ in our day-to-day lives. At least I know I have a hard time living in a manner worthy of Christ. Reading the Bible, living in community, loving like Christ, and the list goes on. These can all be tough and sometimes the last thing we want to do! Living with these friends, I, as a Christ follower, need to love, forgive, repent, lead, follow, serve, and so much more. And I have a hard time doing that, truthfully! Just like any friendship, we don't want to spend 24/7 together. We get annoyed with each other and argue. Sometimes, we all want our space, and I am realizing that it is hard to find alone time in a house with five other people.

But with all those challenges, there is equal and even abundant blessing as long as we abide in Him and His Word. With our personal struggles inside and outside the program, we are met with love, acceptance, and prayer! With our different views come growth and knowledge. With the tension that often arises over silly things come laughter and sweet memories. I am proud to be on this team and can't wait to see where The Spirit leads us with the rest of our year.

As I bring this blog to a close, I feel very loved by this team and hope they feel loved by me. Thank you so much for reading my blog! I pray it brought you joy and a small glimpse of my time with The Fellowship and how I've seen the Spirit recently. Please pray that my team and I are satiated by His Word!

The song for this post is Honey From The Rock by Kelsey Breedlove.


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