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Author - Sydney Gunn

What are we learning about the team?  

Feelings of discomfort, anxiety, and excitement waged within us all during the first week. Over a week and a half into this year-long adventure, we are experiencing everyone's walls starting to come down.

This week, we spent four days together doing a staycation in New Braunfels. Our team had the opportunity to see the sights and scenes of this quaint "little" German town. While floating the river and eating home-cooked meals, we experienced and learned about each other's personalities. Not only did we learn about each other's personalities, but we also had the opportunity to hear the stories God is writing in everyone's life. I enjoyed being able to take a glimpse into what makes each of us who we are. God brought each one of us to The Fellowship in a unique way. Some of us are on fire for the Lord, while others question what the Lord is doing in our lives. No matter what plan God has ahead, as we have learned this week through our readings in Job - it is for His glory and not our own.  

We were introduced to many families during our staycation and invited into multiple homes. It was a beautiful reminder of Jesus and His people as they displayed the art of serving one another through hospitality, encouragement, and fellowship. These experiences were great examples of what we as a team can take with us into our daily lives. The Church is a people, not a home or a church building, but a group of like-minded individuals seeking after Jesus Christ. Experiencing the well-knit community of New Braunfels was a breath of fresh air, seeing how God has worked in His people here.

We each bring our own past experiences of discipleship and community to the team. All of us are hungry for deep relationships and community in a world that has become highly individualized. Already, this team has experienced the power of many individuals praying for us. It is a true blessing to receive peace when walking into an unknown situation and the ease of getting along with the team. Despite the anxiety and all the new beginnings, we have already created many joyous memories together.

I am excited to see how we continue to learn more about each other and serve one another during our time together this year. Soon, we will gain the beautiful opportunity of going and being the hands and feet of Jesus in many different places. Our commitment to being a community together will be tested as we embark on new adventures. "One another"  Scripture will be tested in each of our lives as we have opportunities to love, comfort, teach, and edify each other.

In less than three days, we embark on our first mission trip to Maui, Hawaii - I know what you're thinking… "tough first trip." Our commitment and endurance as a team will be tested quickly during our third and fourth weeks together as we serve the people displaced by the fires on Maui. As Jesus said, "Come and see."
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