Right Place, Wrong Time?

June 18, 2024

Study, Practice, Teach
The Fellowship Team has been training for Summer Serve since September 5, 2023. They have studied the Scriptures together and practiced telling the Bible's big story from Genesis through Revelation. Over the next six weeks, they will teach some of what they have learned in Moldova and Egypt. It's been a year of serious fun and sometimes serious struggle.

Houston? We Have A Problem
Yesterday, we were denied boarding for our late-night flight from Houston to Istanbul. Soon after landing, telltale signs emerged that something was wrong. Turkish Air's domestic partner, United, somehow failed to close the flight segment, showing that Emma, César, and Keyshawn had exited the plane and were ready to check in for the big flight over the water. Uh oh!

The Enemy could have had a field day when the doors closed on Turkish Air flight #34 from Houston to Frankfurt. We had been denied boarding. Some of Disciple Daily's closest family shared this idea: "Something is up. Satan is afraid, but God is still in control. What's He up to?" The sentiment was expressed in different ways, but the Lord used them all to ground us in the moment, physically and spiritually.

United Airlines secured hotel rooms for us in Houston. We arrived at 1:30 AM, checked in, and went to bed, wondering how or when we would continue our journey to Moldova. This morning, we were informed that Turkish Air had not cleared our flights, forcing United to book us for an earlier flight through Frankfurt on Lufthansa. An Uber driver named Royce picked us up at the Raddison Suites at 10 AM to take us back to the airport. The time was much earlier than I would have preferred. But God.

The Next Day
Once we were loaded up, I asked Royce if we could pray before he started to drive. César asked the Lord to quicken us to what He was doing around us on this journey. Royce had bowed his head and closed his eyes. When César had finished, our driver put his car in gear, and off we went.

"I am a spiritual man. We are all divine," Royce proclaimed. "Death isn't real. It is just a transition from one dimension to another. We're all God." I wanted to identify what data points Royce used to arrive at his stated position. "Could I ask you a question, Royce? What is truth?" Royce replied, "I grew up a Catholic. But the Catholic Church watered down the truth. I study all religions." There were elements of truth in what Royce was saying. He seemed like a "good guy," but certainly not Divine.

I was just about to say something when Keyshawn spoke out. "There is only one source of truth, Jesus Christ." Point by point, Keyshawn lovingly explained why God needed to take on human flesh, walk among men, and be the only sacrifice capable of delivering people from the confusion and destruction at work. Keyshawn testified. "Jesus didn't transition. Jesus died and rose again."

Right Where He Wants Us
There have been times this year when I wondered if we are on the right track with the Fellowship Team. The last twenty-four hours have answered that question. God has placed each of us right where He wants us. He did this last September; He did it again yesterday. I preferred that we were boarded last night according to our schedule. If that had happened, César's prayer would not have been so lovingly delivered with Royce listening in. Emma, our continual intercessor, would not have had the privilege of praying as our conversation developed. And Keyshawn! I was amazed at what I heard God say through Keyshawn. It was perfect. Last night, it seemed we were in the right place at the wrong time. But was it?

Today, we have discovered that we are always in the right place when we abide in Jesus. Now, I am writing from seat 31J, the middle seat on a row of three. I'm not a big fan of the middle seat. On each side of me are two pleasant, and thankfully not large, ladies. Hmmm... I wonder what God is up to?

The Fellowship Team


Martha Stanley - June 20th, 2024 at 4:29pm

Praising God for your report! Thank you. My husband Dane and I were sure there was someone somewhere on your trip that would be missed if y’all had made the first scheduled flight. You confirmed that! Dane and I learned we both felt strong about praying for each of you by name, but hadn’t shared that with each other, yet. Praise God for his perfect timing.

nPrayers for perfect travel mercies continuing..

- June 20th, 2024 at 10:07pm

Martha, thanks for this note. The team is off to a great start. There are too many names to list them all, but please pray for our host family… Eugene, Nonna, David, and Samuel Postolache.

Talsy - June 21st, 2024 at 7:44am

Read your report and rejoiced on how God’s timing is perfect even when we do mot understand certain things. Praise His name for softly and sweet you all have surrounded to His plans in the midst of circumstances. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Continual prayers.

- June 23rd, 2024 at 12:44am



nThe important lessons learned in Oaxaca have played an important role in our first days of Summer Serve. Thank you and your family for investing in this year’s Fellowship Team.