The Prodigal

Author - César Muñoz

Hello friends! Thanks for tuning into the blog this week! For this post, we got another fun prompt. I have been asked to write about the growth I have seen in my teammate, Keyshawn.

If you have been following along since our first blogs, you might recall my first description of Keyshawn. I described him as having amazing questions with a heart passionate about the Word. I would say I've seen growth in Keyshawn is his passion for the Word. He came into this team on fire and curious, and he's only gotten more passionate! I have also noticed a change in how he forms and asks questions. Early on, they felt like rapid-fire. Now, Keyshawn's questions feel more pointed and thought out. He still asks as many questions, maybe even more! I am so thankful for his curious spirit. He has shared his love of the Bible and his passion to grow in understanding. I think he's already grown so much in those areas. I pray he will continue growing in that passion for the rest of his life.
Another area I feel Keyshawn has been growing in has been his efforts towards loving accountability. These last few weeks, I have had many conversations with him about what community should look like on our team. He has been adamant about touching base and checking in with the rest of our team. It is encouraging to see how passionate he is about our community as a team. It encourages me to do the same. He often brings to light the biblical community. Keyshawn strives to bring that to this team.
Keyshawn is always the first person to take the lead in several areas of our program! Whether it be sharing the stories of Genesis, testing out fun Tae Kwondo moves, or leading through a chapter of our homework, I feel that we, as a team, know that we can lean on Keyshawn's leadership. I have a lot of admiration, appreciation, and respect for him because of that.
Keyshawn has also grown in his determination. He is very driven and competitive in everything he does. I think his biggest competitor is actually himself. One example I'll share is when I took him to play disc golf. Now, for some context, I have been playing on this course for over a year. This was Keyshawn's first time ever playing disc golf. I showed him how to throw the disc and explained the rules. Then we were off. He was doing a great job, by the way! He was doing way better than I was in my first game. After a toss, I would say something along the lines of "good job" or "nice toss," and he would always respond with "It's alright" or "yeah, but I coulda done better." Keyshawn's responses show how he views other places in his life. He is always looking to better himself, regardless of how well he is doing, constantly challenging himself to do better. It feels like he competes with himself daily.
My prayer for Keyshawn for the rest of our time at The Fellowship is that he gives himself some grace. Those are some high marks he's trying to hit. I hope he doesn't stress too much about it. Because we, as a team, love him just how he is. I pray he continues growing in his passion for the Word and that we challenge him to grow in every aspect of his life.
As I bring this blog to a close, I am truly thankful to have Keyshawn on this team and ever more grateful to have him as a brother in Christ. Thank you so much for reading my blog! I pray it brought you joy and a small glimpse of some of the ways I have seen The Spirit growing Keyshawn in his time here.
The song for this post is The Prodigal by Josiah Queen.
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