Born To Play

June 21, 2024

Born To Play
Everyone was born to play. It’s part of our DNA as image bearers of God. I believe Jesus loved playing sporting games. Basketball had not been created yet. Maybe Jesus competed in slingshotting or archery. Could He have loved wrestling? Maybe, but men, women, boys, and girls all play. Jesus played, too!

Play is one of the most important engagement strategies to be mastered by disciples of Jesus. It’s so simple. All you need is a ball, an open space, and people nearby. One need not know the language spoken by those who join in. Play is a language unto itself. Where people play, crowds with nothing in common will effortlessly become teams ready to collaborate and compete.

Disciple Daily uses intentional play to introduce people to Jesus and disciple them to reproduce His life in others. Play is part of our Ezra 7:10 strategy to study, practice, and teach new disciples. Over the last decade, we have had the great honor of partnering with many international sports “ministers” across Eurasia. We are now introducing Emma, Keyshawn, and César to one of these partners.

Admirals Basketball Academy
Following a difficult journey to Moldova, the Fellowship Team entered Edelitate Gym yesterday morning. Edelitate has been graced with visionary sports missionaries in this part of the world, the Admirals Basketball Academy. If “Admirals” sounds familiar, think basketball superstar David Robinson. The Admiral lent his nickname to Nick Morari, the founder of the Admirals Academy.

Over a decade ago, Nick shared his vision with us. “I want the Admirals to bring hope to the youth of Eurasia. We are raising new leaders who will take my place in the years ahead.“ God has given Nick and his family the desires of his heart.

Admirals Basketball Academy has “played” life into thousands of Eurasian children and their families. They are well known for the excellence of their basketball training, producing a number of basketball players who now compete at home and abroad. Three of them will be in the classroom and on the court at New Braunfels Christian Academy this fall. Everywhere the Admirals go, they make Jesus known.

Game Plan
Today, the Admirals Basketball Academy in Moldova is led by Eugene Postolache. Eugene has grown up in the Admirals system. This day has been an investment in what will become a lifetime partnership between the Admirals leadership and our 2023/2024 Fellowship Team members. We started the day with the ministry of presence, simply showing up at Edlitate to shoot some hoops and build relationships with players and coaches. All we needed was a ball, a willingness to try something new, and a desire to engage with whoever came over to play. Relationships on which to build the Kingdom of God were initiated today.

At 4 P.M., The Admirals coaches and leaders met with The Fellowship to strategize the way forward together. It was a delight for Eugene and me to watch the two teams become one. I wish the Church in America could see what happened today on the other side of the world. We are all born to play.

God is up to something. Keep watching!
The Fellowship Team

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