What Is Love?

Author- Jauhmar Ellick

I want you to ask yourself a question. What is love?! How do you define it? Is it a feeling? An action? What is love?

These past two weeks, I was able to see what love is. And not this worldly love we've come to know, but Godly love. A love that's unconditional. A love that never fades away. A love that prevails through disasters and heartache and causes people to come together for one another. It's a bond that can't be broken. Like a mother and son. Through ups and downs, through trials and tribulations, the love that The LORD shows us is unwavering. No matter what you may have done or said. No matter what you're going through, the unconditional love of Jesus Christ will never leave.

As our time came to an end in Maui, it hit me! The love on the island was something I'd never seen before.

It started with a trip to Napili on the west side of Lahaina. The community put together a distribution center. It had everything the people needed. From clothes and food to hugs and smiles, which they desperately desired! It was difficult, however, to hear the stories from different people. You could tell that they were hurting, and they all needed some love. You can't contain Godly love! It's like medicine for the sick, like cold shaved ice on a hot summer day. It relieves you from all the pain and worry that you are going through.

The team and I were able to have a free day. Just a day to go and explore what Maui had to offer. And it was a lot! Adam (Dadam, as my good man César calls him) took us on a Maui adventure. Our first stop was a waterfall—interesting yet beautiful scenery to indulge in. César and Keyshawn took a dip in the water, with Cesar, who then jumped off the cliff like he was skydiving. We ended up eating guava Adam found. They were quite frankly delicious for being on the ground, not the store. After that, we chose to step over to the Black Sand beach! It was something that we weren't expecting. It was rocky and rough. We had to watch our every step, or it was goodnight Irene! It was a wonderful view to see the waves crash. The waves were shades of blue, almost like an animated movie or something. My man César turned into César Irwin and caught a crab. I loved seeing and being around the adventure!

The next day, we took a trip to Calvary Church and enjoyed a service from pastor Kirk! He had a terrific message, but something stood out to me. He asked, "If God were to call you up right now, would you suffer loss or gain reward?" It hit me like a ton of bricks, and I couldn't hold back my laughter because it's true! If He were to call you home right now, where would you be? After the service, we went to Hope Chapel to serve. The love pouring out of Hope is something that can't be explained. Smiles and prayers waited at the front door, welcoming everyone inside. Emma and Sydney were at full attention, greeting everyone they could. The love exuding from these two ladies is a sight to see.

However, the love didn't stop there. During the past couple of days, the love was more evident. We came upon an open and empty field. It was filled with nothing but rocks and dry grass. A community was going to be planted there., filled with tents, bathrooms, and even a garden. The amount of love that was shown was incredible. Many volunteers were in attendance to help with the construction. We started by building tents. It wasn't easy. But with teamwork, everyone came together to make this idea a reality. Many tents went up over the two days, with one blowing away because of the strong winds. But it didn't stop the progress. We discarded the old tent and put a new one up right away. Others worked on the bathrooms and showers, while some built sheds for the garden. It was a wonderful sight to see. A whole community of people coming together for something bigger than them. Not only was God's love on display but so was His glory. You can't tell me He wasn't behind the scenes. His sovereignty is so beautiful to see. To know that the Creator of the universe is my Father hits differently.

I love God. And especially His people because we are all alike in some way. So again, I ask the question... what is love? How do you describe it?! How do you put it into words?! You can't! It's just something you have to experience. Once you do, you won't want anything else.

My definition of love is what I saw these past two weeks. People came together hand in hand to help those in need, no matter their background or what they are going through. Love is when you sacrifice your time, talents, and treasure and put it towards an agenda that has nothing to do with you. It's time to show the love of Christ right now. Everyone is hurting! Everyone! So put your pride to the side and love on someone today!
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