A Man Called Job

Author - César Muñoz

This Monday, we started reading the book of Job. Going through that book with this team is such a blessing. I have loved getting to see how everyone engages with the Word. Keyshawn always has such amazing questions, and his heart is passionate about the Word. Jauhmar is on the quieter side when it comes to reading. A "silent killer," as Arlie put it. He fills the edges of his Bible with notes, and I love every time he shares. Emma knows the Bible and loves asking the hard questions that lead us down fun biblical rabbit holes. Sydney is very inquisitive, on the quieter side, like Jauhmar. She is very sharp with her questions and to the point. Some might even say black and white, but she also has amazing insight.

I want to think I'm pretty verbal during Bible reading, but I know there is a tendency to be quieter. I love reading under the leadership of Keith & Arlie. They have done so well leading us already, and it's barely been 12 days since we arrived!

We spent Monday through Thursday at a river house in New Braunfels this week with two goals in mind. To grow with one another and get familiar with the New Braunfels area. Shortly after arriving at the house, we played a game called "Kubb." It was new to me and most of the team, except for Emma. Keith took lots of time to teach us. After 45 minutes, we were finally getting the hang of it. Once everyone got into the game, the trash talk slowly started to flow, and I realized that this was the first time I had seen my new friends compete with each other. Some paid close attention to the rules, and others locked in and focused on every toss. It was new seeing everyone in this setting, but I liked it. It was fun.

This week, we had our fair share of fun, from Bible readings to diners at local spots and card games, tubing on the river, and even exploring hundreds of feet underground. This week, we exceeded all expectations.

Each night, we shared our personal stories. They were more than the testimonies of how we met Jesus. That time was so special. As Keith says every day, "God writes some amazing stories." Hearing the life stories of my new friends and all the ways God moved in each of them to bring us together was such an amazing privilege. I feel honored to know their stories. The week was full of anxious hearts and tears, followed by words of affirmation and warm embraces.

As I bring this post to a close, I am reminded of what an amazing God we serve. Words can't describe how thankful I am for this team, and I am SO excited to go on our first adventure out of the state this Monday! As a team, this will be our first mission trip. We are headed to Maui, Hawaii, to work with three organizations involved in disaster relief from the fires about six weeks ago.

Thank you for reading. Check out the song "A Man Named Job" by Ryan Proudfoot. I hope this blog brings you joy and a small glimpse of how God is moving in this team. I know God will continue to write some amazing stories for the rest of this year.

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