Three Days

Author - César Muñoz

Hello friends! Today marks the start of our third full day on Maui, where I am writing this from. Although it has only been three days, I can already see the Spirit moving in this team and the people around us.

Day 1: Monday started bright and early at 2:30 A.M. We departed for the ATX airport at 3:30. When we arrived, we gathered to pray for safe travels before beginning our adventure.

God had already set a divine appointment. After praying, we hopped in line to check some bags, and a brother in Christ approached us to ask if we were believers. He was joyful, excited, and quick to ask what we were doing and where we were going. Jauhmar shared with him about our mission to Maui, and after their conversation, he checked out our app and said he would be following our journey and praying for us! Such tremendous encouragement before our trip began.

We had two 4-hour flights connected by a 2-hour layover in San Francisco. But then we arrived in Maui! We had some snacks during our travel, and I ate three separate breakfasts. We got our rental van and were on our way to get some grub! We had our first meal in Maui at a mall. I had some chicken Katsu, and then we went to Made in Hope, where a bunkhouse awaited us. We dropped off one of our friends, Adam, at a host home before arriving at our home away from home. We met Peter, who was opening up this bunkhouse to us. He gave us a short tour and some time to get settled in. After that, we checked out the beach and prayed as a team for our time in Maui. We tried some local food for dinner and called it a night.

Day two started bright and early! Most of us woke up around five. We had our morning reading with some breakfast and were on the way to Calvary Chapel. There, we helped out in their food pantry and clearing out a storage room. Afterward, we ate our packed lunches in the van on the way to our following location where we met a couple. Joel & Jessica. They are local farmers and the number one tomato distributor on the island of Maui. Two of their greenhouses were destroyed by the wind from Hurricane Dora. Fires spread to the property across the road from their house. We spent the remainder of our day working on their greenhouses and preparing soil around their home for new plant beds. It was hard work, but we were happy to serve them that way. I am thankful for the opportunity to show them God's abundant love through acts of service. After the work day, we got dinner at another local spot and turned in for the night.

Day 3: I started our second full day in Maui extra early by going for a 4-mile run along the beach. After my run, I washed off and had some breakfast before we started reading. After reading, we returned to Joel's property to finish the work we started on the beds. I began by taking wheelbarrows of rocks to a pile. Afterward, I shoveled wood chips and soil with Sydney for the next 3-4 hours, give or take. We wrapped up in the late afternoon tossing a disc around for a few minutes before departing from Joel's home. After a good day of work, we went to the beach and got dinner at the local spot we live above. And that was a wrap on our third day.

Although I write this after three days in Maui, God's gracious hand has provided everything we've needed. We've worked hard in the short time we've been here. God has rewarded us daily with breath in our lungs, food in our bellies, laughs among friends, sweet times in The Word, memories to last a lifetime, and beautiful Maui sunsets. I am so thankful for this fantastic opportunity to serve and love the people in Maui, and I look forward to all the ways God will continue to work through us and bless our time on this beautiful island.

Thank you for reading my blog, and as always, I hope these posts can bring you joy or a glimpse into all the things God is doing through this team. The song for this post is Three Days by Pioneer Worship.

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