Introducing Keyshawn

I am Keyshawn Parkman. My story begins roughly sixteen years ago in a small town called Converse, Texas. My mom, dad, and I had moved from Utah when I was about seven years old, with little to no knowledge of Texas. Childhood was a mixture of chaos and laughter, hot summers and warm winters, and a lot of basketball. Many events stand out from childhood, from scoring my first bucket in a YMCA league to my neighborhood bike race. Nothing stands out more than a mixture of chaos that occurred when I was eight.

At that time, my parents divorced, and this event would cause a ripple effect throughout the rest of my childhood. As my mom assumed custody, I would pick up her cadence and rhythms as a teacher. This meant early mornings, plenty of reading, and late-night cooking. As I grew into my teenage years, I began to navigate the split of my family better. However, that pattern of chaos stuck around me. There were months of emotional and physical abuse while not being able to see my father as he traveled overseas for work.

The chaos would impact most of my high school life, and even though there were plenty of good memories and friends, by the time I graduated high school, I desperately needed a Savior. I'd be lying If I said Jesus was my first choice, as I fell victim to worldly saviors to cope with the chaos that never seemed to leave me alone.

Amid it all, I met Jesus for the first time by God's grace. Even though I had been in church my whole life, three years ago, in my bedroom, alone in the middle of a devotional, I officially gave my life to Christ. Since I've been with Christ, He's made my story His story. I wanted everyone in that world of chaos to see HIM through me. My story might be the only Bible they read.

The Lord's perfect will has led me to The Fellowship program, and with plenty of excitement and anticipation, I sit here with you and whoever else is watching or reading my story to see what God will write next.
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