Love Me Back To Life

Author - César Muñoz

"Now I'm looking in Your eyes Full of love, full of life You said all You ever wanted was my heart."

Another week, another opportunity to share about my friends and the Spirit! What's up, gang? We just finished Leviticus and are a few chapters into Numbers, and it has been a repetitive ride, let me tell you. I have always had a hard time reading through these books, and honestly, not much has changed. My friends have made it easier to walk through these books, though. Hearing the things that stand out to them and pique their interest has made this reading through Leviticus and Numbers much more enjoyable than times before. As always, my friends have been teaching me so much.

Emma continues to lead in her servant-oriented heart. Just last night, when I was cooking dinner, she asked if I needed help, which I enthusiastically accepted. I turned my back for 10 minutes to season and marinate some steak, and Emma had already started on three different things without even asking. She knew what needed to be done and just jumped to it! I felt very loved by her while we sang country songs and cooked dinner. I want to grow in being servant-hearted every time I see Emma serving the people she loves.

Jauhmar never fails to amaze me. Every time we read or talk about curriculum, I swear, you can visually see his brain working. With each sentence we read or say, you can see him pondering and thinking up a question that gets the rest of us into fun topics we otherwise would have never acknowledged. He is always seeking insight and has a hunger and desire to grow in his knowledge and understanding of the Scripture.

Sydney leads by how she structures her days. We are the first two people up in the house each morning, but we have different priorities when it comes to starting our mornings. Most mornings, I will make coffee for us, and then we'll take our spots at the table with minimal to no talking outside of the usual "Good morning" and "Coffee is ready." Then, I will read one of many books I have started, do a quiet time, or catch up on texts. It's always one or the other. I don't do all of them. Sydney, however, has a way more consistent morning than I do, and I aspire to have that. Most mornings, she'll spend time in the Word and do whatever homework we might have for that week. Depending on the weather, she will then go for a morning walk/run, followed by a light breakfast.

Keyshawn is still as consistent as ever in his curiosity for not just Bible reading and curriculum but also in all the tasks we've been doing outside recently. We are currently working on a small construction project on the back half of our property, building a camping platform that people will hopefully be able to camp on in the next two weeks. With that, we have had to clear land and level some ground. So far, we have built the framing of the structure. Keyshawn has been very eager to learn how to do most tasks. I like the mindset he has of not being afraid to mess up. He brushes it off whenever he might miss the mark and is quick to "get back on the horse" and try again. It is very encouraging because Keyshawn makes it easy for others to teach him.

Recently, I got to go on a road trip with some friends to College Station for an event hosted by TBarM. I was very encouraged in the short time I spent with them. On the three-hour drive there, we listened to lots of music and screamed songs at the top of our lungs. But my favorite part was the small, scattered conversations we had in the car there and back. They are all involved in a discipleship program very similar to the one I am in. It was nice getting to relate to the trials and triumphs that come with life-on-life discipleship. Not only was it a fun trip filled with lots of silly moments. I left feeling like I had strengthened four relationships with people who are going through the exact season that I am currently going through. I pray that I get lots more time to fellowship and get to know each of them better in the future!

As I bring this blog to a close, I feel an overwhelming feeling of peace, love, and blessing because of the fantastic relationships surrounding me in this season of life. Thank you so much for reading my blog! I hope it brought you some joy and a glimpse of the wonderful things God is teaching me through the friends He's placed around me.

The song for this post is Loved Me Back to Life by Natalie Layne. 

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Albert Villanueva - November 13th, 2023 at 2:09pm

Great blog. Very informative. Good to see young people who are spiritually minded and living with an “eternity mindset.”