The Jesus Model

Author - Jauhmar Ellick

As a disciple of Jesus, we are supposed to walk a certain way. However, how will we walk without an example or blueprint? For believers, that blueprint is Jesus Christ Himself. He embodies what it's like to be a disciple of God. He came down from His heavenly home to show us how it's done. To show us the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). However, lots of so-called "disciples" don't follow the model of Jesus Christ who gave Himself completely; it's partial. They don't sacrifice themselves for others. They aren't lying down on the barbed wire fence to let other soldiers crawl over them. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is difficult because our selfish ambitions get in our way. We are so used to being "disciples of Satan" that we have a hard time trying to submit to a new way of living. Jesus literally has been doing this since the beginning of time. It's by the grace of God that He came down to be that man lying on the barbed wire, letting others crawl over Him.

Let me ask you a question: are you, like Jesus, longing to sit with the sinners? Are you willing to sit with the woman at the well and speak life into her (John 4)? Are you willing to travel miles and miles and sacrifice your time to heal the sick and cure the blind and lame (the Gospels)? I can say the only way this is possible is if you're sitting at His feet daily to adopt His way of living. Learning what it's like to be with someone who's facing difficulties. Or even running into someone who needs some type of healing.

It's been difficult for me. These past couple of months, I have seen people who say they are followers of Jesus while picking and choosing when to be like Jesus. They pick and choose when to live in the Spirit. Jesus lived in the Spirit all the time; they are one. We just read these scriptures and don't put them into practice at all. Or we walk in certain ordinances because we don't feel comfortable doing the other ones. Yes, I know it's a journey, but when will we graduate from Similac (baby milk) to the meat and potatoes of this walk with Jesus. Sitting down, having hard discussions, and even calling out the "religious teachers" as Jesus did (Matthew 23:14)?

Adoption is a process that takes time and patience. It's like adopting a child. I know from the information I have that it takes months, sometimes a year or two, to adopt a child. However, some people have been "walking with Christ" for years who are not adopting His living, lifestyle, words, or ordinances. It's as if they are only focused on getting themselves to heaven. They believe and confess, and then that's it! How long are you going to sit on the sideline? How long are you going to swing on the fence with Jesus and Satan? You can't be used to the fullest if you only want to pick and choose when to move in the Spirit.

It's time we stop being 'd'elievrs' and become disciples! Get into small groups. Study the scriptures because this is a battlefield. There are too many sick patients out here who are looking everywhere for something to cure them. Mark 2:17: "It's the sick that need the doctor, not the healthy ones." Can we stop being pedestrians and become doctors in The Lord. It's sickening to my stomach to continue to see people hurt. We are supposed to be the Body of Christ, yet no one helps to scratch the areas of the body that need scratching. It's time we stopped playing church and started being The Church. It's too scary and dark out here not to put in the work we should do.

So, this week's challenge is something special yet ordinary. Sit at Jesus' feet and start adopting His ways. Start putting into practice what will make you upgrade from a "d"eliverer to a disciple. It would be great to hear some feedback, so let me know how you do this week. Sure, this will be difficult, so I'll leave you with some scriptures to let Jesus help you along the way.

Romans 8
Luke 9:23
1 John 2:6
John 14:12
Phillipians 2:5; 4:6-9

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