Disciples of Jesus

Author - Jauhmar Ellick

It's been a little bit of a roller coaster for me these last few weeks. However I’m back and better than before. It’s like I never left. Let's dive in.

I ask you a question, what's your definition of “disciple?” I know some of you are probably thinking, it's someone who completely devoted themselves to something and doesn't leave it no matter what. And you're exactly right. It's taking off all of your desires and things you think about yourself and immersing yourself in the one that you're following. I’m in a program where I’m learning how to do exactly that. Immerse myself in the true one King, Jesus Christ. Jesus said in Matthew 4:19 “ Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people.” It's a call to all of us to put down our proverbial nets and pick up the nets that's going to catch others and teach new disciples to follow Jesus.

Now you may be wondering “ How on earth can I do that?” The answer is you can't…. Not by yourself at least. It takes The Holy Spirit to show us and teach us how to do what Jesus was speaking about in Matthew 4:19. It's His invitation to those who want to see change. It's a call to those who are sick of being the same ol’ folks and are tired of seeing the world burn. And the great thing about this is that Jesus chose YOU, He chose US to become fishers of men and women and children. He’s calling you right now, so are you going to pick up the phone and answer the call to discipleship?

The question that should be on our minds is, how do I just go out and find someone and teach them things? How do I teach new disciples to follow Jesus Christ? Great question, first off it's about knowing where you are going. Jesus knew where He was going, He knew His mission as He came down here to earth as a human being. If you don't have directions, how are you going to know where to go? As I’m here, I’m learning how to just settle down and be still (Psalms 46:10), learning how to just listen to God’s voice so I know where I’m going to complete the assignment at hand.  One of the methods Jesus modeled was to get up early, in the darkness of the morning. Before everyone else was moving, Jesus received instructions about what He was supposed to do during the day. There’s days where He and his disciples went to new territory like Samaria to speak to a young woman at the well. Another time he went to Bethany to bring someone back from the dead. Lazarus had already been dead for so long that he smelled like 10 cans of bouncing beans!

As a human being, the only way Jesus could know what He was supposed to do was by spending time with the Father to receive His directions on where to go. It's easier said than done. We as humans love to just do our own thing. We love our sleep and of our free time. We do not want to submit to the direction of others. (Got a blog coming about Submission so stay tuned) However, if we’re trying to teach new disciples of Jesus how to follow Him, we must imitate the things He does such as getting up in the early mornings to receive our orders for the day. Going away and just spending some quiet time with the Holy Spirit and the scriptures to get a better understanding of what's to come.

It's like the people in the military, you get orders from your commander and chief. He expects you to do those things. Especially if you’re on the battlefield. If he says shoot something or throw those grenades you better do it before you become some chili the next day. It's the same way with following Jesus. He’s our commander and chief. Whatever He says needs to be done. It must be done because we are at war. It's a battlefield out here and we need to make sure that we take heed to the orders given to us just like Jesus.

Now the fun part, the teaching, it's probably the most soul quenching piece of being a disciple. It's like teaching a newborn how to walk. You explain how to move their legs and feet. You watch them stumble here and there. But when they get it, they get it down pat! That's what it's like teaching new disciples, they are learning how to walk/run. It's our job to help them get back up when things go wrong.

Jesus is the best teacher known to human history. You can't tell me otherwise. Prime example: The Sermon on the Mount. Teaching us about character, integrity, forgiveness, love and much more. (I highly suggest you read it starting in Matthew chapter 5-7.) Jesus taught with authority, because He knew what He was saying. He practiced each and everything He said. I'll confess that I don’t practice what I preach a lot of the time and it gets me in trouble, but Thank God there's grace. (Got a message on grace too, so stay tuned). When we teach new disciples we have to make sure we start with the basics. The ABC’s, the 123’s. You can't just a 1st grader a test on AP geometry and expect them to pass. No! It takes time to show someone the ropes of things, especially the Christian life.

I believe that's what's missing in church these days, we are missing the basics and wondering why we struggle with certain things. Wonder why we cant pass these tests given to us, because we go past the basics and straight to the advanced courses. I can say for myself, one of the main reasons I’ve struggled with things is because I forget/neglect the basics. The prayers, the morning meetings with Jesus, the communication with the Holy Spirit, the scripture readings. It's my job as a disciple to be taught  and apply so I can go out and teach others the same things. It says in scripture that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and all the people. (Luke 2:52) What it's saying is that Jesus sat and listened to the teachers and absorbed everything being said so that when it was His time for ministering, He was able to be bold and do the things the Father told Him to do. I ask you this question, are you growing in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and all the people?  

Are you finding and teaching new disciples how to walk this thing out? If not, that's ok. Let's settle down at His feet and become like Mary and absorb all His goodness. So that when it's time we can get up and go get busy like Martha. (Luke10:38-41)

To close out this blog I want to say thanks for yall’s patience with me. Thanks for thinking about me and praying for me. Thanks for sticking with me in my times of struggle and disobedience. God gets all the glory as expected and rightfully so. I’m thanking my team (César, Emma, Sydney and Keyshawn) for being there for me in my times of need. Teaching and showing me things that's going to help me in this walk of life. Thanks to Arlie and Keith for sticking with me and setting me up for greatness. Thanks to the women of The Fellowship in Noemi, Alice and Lori. Thanks for showering me with your love. It’s well and greatly appreciated. But most importantly, Thanks to Jesus Christ and the things He has done, is doing and going to do in my life and the life of others. I appreciate it all and thanks for reading.

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